Importance of Inclusion at Work, Brands That Showed Support At Bengaluru Pride 2017

The garden city, the silicon valley of India, Bengaluru became a city full of colors, glitter, rainbows and lots of pride. With a turnout of over 7,000 people in the capital of the Karnataka, Pride Parade 2017 was an absolute hit, people from all over the country from Kerala to Calcutta and the world came out to show their support, from as far as Switzerland to Mexico.

Several brands were out there to support the cause, like Ajio, Amazon and Laudco Media. As days go by more and more companies are becoming LGBTQIA inclusive, back in September JLL Bengaluru dedicated a week for ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ where people from all walks of life could share their stories.

Shreyanka Thejaswi represented Laudco Media at JLL and shared her journey as a Bisexual Woman in today’s world and how social media has helped her come out and accept her sexuality.

“I was pleasantly surprised to be accepted with such love and support especially at the work, the last  place I expected to come out”

Here are some of the highlights of the 10th Annual Pride Parade at Bengaluru.

1.Namma Bengaluru, Namma Pride!

2. The Pride Parade in bustling streets of Majestic!

3. Canadian Support, Eh!

4. Beautiful People everywhere!

5. Happy Pride!

6. The Best Mohawk

7. Rainbow love

8. Straight Ally

9. These giving our Rainbow life!

10. ” I am an Ally, I just support this crazy thought that everyone should have equal rights”

11. The Auto blaring LGBTQIA anthems and songs by the legendary Drag Queen Rupaul like “Sissy That Walk”

12. Puppy love

13. Hate is a choice, sexuality is not.

14. Humans are the only homophobic species

15. Love is Love

16. Not Gay but Supportive!

17. Fabulous Outfits at Pride

18. The Ajio Team at Pride preaching ‘Pride Not Prejudice’

19. Pride, a place you can be your authentic self!

20. “Bisexuals are great. They aren’t Gay, They aren’t Straight, They are GRAIGHT”

21. Best Pride Parade Ever!

22. Colors, Glitter and lots of love!

23. “Born Gay, Follow The Ray. Born Straight Refuse To Hate!”

24. Namma Pride

25. Clearly, closets are only meant for clothes!

26. How can you have a Pride Parade without unicorns?

27. “Don’t Criminalise the Hijra Family”

28. Support from our Straight Allies!

29. “Don’t Stop At Right To Privacy, Scrap 377”

30. Finally, Smile if you are GAY!

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