Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Tools: 4 Smart Ways to Expand Your Keyword Lists

4 Smart Ways to Expand Your Keyword Lists

4 Smart Ways to Expand Your Keyword Lists

4 Smart Ways to Expand Your Keyword Lists


When it comes to finding new keyword possibilities in paid search marketing, you might eventually run into a wall. It may be because you work in a niche industry; or the lack of search queries in reports is causing you to miss out on opportunities. Microsoft Advertising Intelligence comes in handy to for finding more useful keywords for your accounts. 


A free tool that runs in Microsoft Office ExcelMicrosoft Advertising Intelligence has become an important tool that can be used to obtain keyword ideas for any ad —Microsoft or Google. 


Top 6 being- 

  1. - Keyword suggestions 

  1. - Traffic 

  1. - Age group and gender 

  1. - Associated keywords 

  1. - Webpage keywords 

  1. - Keyword performance 


Let’s see how these tools work!  


1. Keyword suggestions 



To use this tool, you simply have to copy and paste the list of keywords you want to expand, into Excel. Select those keywords and choose Keyword Suggestions. Then, based on the previous month, you'll get a list of new potential keywords and stats. 

The first column displays the keywords that you included in your list, and based on that, the second column will provide you with a variety of keyword suggestions. You can then analyze a variety of metrics including potential volume, bid estimates, and so on. 


2. Traffic 



After you've obtained your list of suggested keywords from Microsoft Advertising Intelligence, highlight the list of new keywords and select the Traffic option from the top navigation bar. You can then create a new report based on your keyword grouping to see a more summarized list of keywords broken down by device and number of searches over the previous month 

The Traffic view is a report that is “easier to handle.” Often, a quick scan of the list is all you'll need to figure out which options have enough volume to have an impact on any additional campaigns you add. 


3. Age group & gender



If you're hoping to reach a very specific demographic with your Search campaigns, the Age Group & Gender tool, which can also be found under the "More Research" option in the top navigation, may be useful. Highlight your desired list of new keywords to see traffic percentages broken down by age and gender, on the Microsoft Network. 


The percentage totals are separated between the age and gender columns. The age columns will add up to 100%, and the gender columns will add up to 100%.



4. Associated keywords