Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Advertising: The Cheatsheet

Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Advertising

Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Advertising

Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Advertising

Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Advertising: The Cheatsheet ​


It’s a fact that LinkedIn advertisements does not suit the needs of every business, unlike Facebook. But there are numerous B2B marketers that are utilizing LinkedIn advertising for brand promotions or generating user engagement. And LinkedIn ads are the answers for you, if your objective is to target c-suite professionals, delivering informative content to marketers or just spreading brand awareness.



LinkedIn ad formats

Once you are ready with a LinkedIn Company page, you’ll be ready to explore all the various LinkedIn Ad formats. Based on your requirements, which could range from brand awareness, website visits, engagement and video views to lead generation, site conversions, and job applications; you can select the appropriate ad format.

  1. LinkedIn sponsored content

What feels specific to LinkedIn are the Sponsored Content ads: the ads that seem like a promoted post from a company’s feed. With a headline, an image and a link to sponsor, the ads manager can create this post for you. Alternately, you may also develop carousel ads, video ads, and lead generation ads that show up in the same format.



  1. LinkedIn text ads

Text ads from LinkedIn are equivalent to search ads from Google or Bing. These ads function on a typical pay-per-click or impressions basis; featured in the sidebar. Although, undoubtedly, for a social platform, there are somewhat boring ads: just a piece of text with a headline and the company logo.


  1. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

When you log into LinkedIn and notice about 10 new messages, most likely a few of those are advertisers who’ve popped into your inbox for a couple of bucks via Sponsored InMail. A list of contacts for personalised messages and their content is decided by the advertiser- you can invite prospects for events,or perhaps aim to establish an inbound call.  


  1. LinkedIn programmatic display ads

Luckily for B2B marketers, LinkedIn integrated programmatic offerings for targeting. These display ads let you reach the biggest professional audience depending on intent or personas. These are your average display ads and the advertises can select their favoured demand-side platform or trading desk and buy inventory through open or private auctions.


  1. LinkedIn dynamic ads

Essentially, Dynamic ads are the most tailored and personalised. You have a choice to either promote job postings, content downloads, your own company page, or boost website traffic through spotlight ads which are also featured on the newsfeed. This form of ad comes with set templates and auto-translation features for effective personalisation.



  1. Bonus: Elevate

Surprise! Elevate is not exactly an ad, but it serves as a LinkedIn advertising solution. Elevate is a forum for a business to pay for its employees to become brand advocates. It essentially makes it convenient for the sales/marketing team to monitor and suggest content to the employees that they can later share on LinkedIn to keep the needle moving.

LinkedIn advertising costs

Similar to other platforms, LinkedIn advertising costs are calculated by your bids and budgets; i.e., your total ad spending would vary based on your organization and priorities, since that defines your choice of ads and your budget. 


LinkedIn ads, nevertheless, do come with some minimums that must be spent by all advertisers:


  1. Daily budget per campaign: $10 

  2. Total budget per campaign: $10 (optional feature for Sponsored Content)

  3. Bid for CPC or CPM on Text Ad campaigns: $2 

Additionally, LinkedIn ads do come with a minimum bid for Sponsored Content campaigns, but the exact for that is dependent on your Target Audience.


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