Get Inspired: Best Brand Ads Produced Remotely During Covid-19 Lockdown

Get Inspired: Best Brand Ads Produced Remotely During Covid-19 Lockdown

Get Inspired: Best Brand Ads Produced Remotely During Covid-19 Lockdown

Get Inspired: Best Brand Ads Produced Remotely During Covid-19 Lockdown

Just weeks into a global lockdown the concept of being able to organise and shoot an advertising campaign anywhere in the world feels alien as it has left many unable to leave the confines of their homes. 

Creativity sits far closer to home. For the first time in history, brands cannot just call upon a sun-drenched landscape or a metropolis bustling with life to help them sell the idea of their product.

There are those who reimagine it as an advantage despite shoots being cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future. 

To show how empty streets are now and locked in with their families, one week in, Engine shot a chilling film for Women’s Aid used videos shot during daily excursions in London. 

It’s not only taunting but also irresponsible for a car brand, to advertise the joy of cruising a fine motor around roads carved perfectly through valleys, given driving for the sake of it is not ‘essential’ in the current scenario. Despite the beautiful weather and empty roads, Porsche created overnight, Porsche reused existing materials to urge drivers to stay in.

‘Creativity Goes On’ was created over two weeks by Apple keeping in mind the part products are playing in helping people stay both connected and creative. It is a montage of the different ways people are using its tech during lockdown.

The Drum handpicked the most inventive creatives to be created from lockdown, thus far.

  1. ‘Creativity Goes On’

Apple has captured how people are using its products to stay creative during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To show that despite the lockdown, ‘Creativity Goes On’ – the film montages footage of people keeping creativity alive, created over the course of two weeks. From drawing pictures on iPads, to producing video content on Macbook and using FaceTime to share creative ideas.






  1. ‘The Lockdown’

To help victims of domestic abuse, Women’s Aid set up a coronavirus advice page for survivors, which has since received 27,000, while the world follows the government’s direction to stay safe indoors, Women’s Aid wants people to consider those who might not be ‘safe’ via those instructions.




  1. ‘Making Home Count’

Ikea Singapore has released a short film titled, ‘Making Home Content’ thanking  those abiding to lockdown rules.




  1. ‘Let It Not Tempt You’

Despite the beautiful weather and empty roads, Porsche has created a movie overnight, alongside and a series of graphics to encourage viewers to leave their Porsche at home.



  1. ‘The Drive’

With the world confined indoors, Audi is offering a way to reconnect with house-bound Australians through the freedom of the open road. Audi Australia has created ‘The Drive’, a 4-hour long slow TV film that allows viewers to experience the soothing nature of a long road trip from the confines of their own home. It takes viewers on an immersive road journey through breathtaking Australian landscapes in an all-new Audi A6 Sedan.



  1. ‘Voices’

Nationwide Building Society is this week launching a new series of TV adverts to showcase different real-life voices and stories of how people are coping with life during lockdown as well as sharing their thoughts and feeling of what life may be like for them post-pandemic.







  1. ‘Play For the World’


Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world. Its latest campaign, ‘Play for the World’ pays tribute to athletes training inside due to quarantine.





  1. ‘ #StayAtHome’

A series of 10 second, fly-on-the-wall style films, self-shot by a host of well-known Channel 4 faces reveal the celebrities carrying out mundane tasks at home during lockdown as Channel 4 reveals its brand new #StayAtHome campaign set to launch across Easter weekend and created to amplify the important public health message to Stay Home, Save Lives.




  1. ‘#StayHome. Save Lives.’

The Ad Council has joined forces with Google, the ANA, and other advertising, media, and marketing trade associations, on an industry-wide movement that begs the American public to ‘#StayHome. Save Lives’.

As part of the campaign, those on board will update their logos with a roof icon, across social media channels and websites. Further, to demonstrate support of this movement, they will promote PSAs that focus on social distancing.

The roof asset was designed by Google and the #AloneTogether PSA assets were developed by the Entertainment & Youth Brands of ViacomCBS.




  1. ‘So, What’s For Tea?’


Marking its first piece of work for Birds Eye, since it took over from incumbent Grey, McCann has revealed ‘So, What’s For Tea?’

Created to help families cope during the coronavirus outbreak, The campaign presents a series of ‘life hacks’ to entertain families, including colouring pages and a word search.



  1. ‘Even When We Can’t Be Close, We Can Be Together’

Vodafone Italy have launched a campaign filmed entirely from home to promote the importance of connectivity and to raise money for The Red Cross during the coronavirus pandemic.

The collaborative project show the importance of connectivity through the strap-line “Even when we can’t be close, we can be together,” and has gone live on Italy’s main TV stations and across digital and social channels, encouraging donations in support of the Italian Red Cross (CRI) in the fight against coronavirus.



  1.  ‘Tesco Food Love Stories: Dedications’

Tesco has placed the general public at the heart of its latest Food Love Stories campaign, as it celebrates newfound passions for home cooking, as a result of the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown.



  1. ‘We’re Never Lost If We Can Find Each Other’


To demonstrate how light can seep through cracks, Facebook has brought out a touching film, in celebration of how people are staying connected during the coronavirus outbreak. The film ends by inviting viewers to visit Facebook’s dedicated Covid-19 support page, to find resources, or to offer help. Source: 

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