How DNL reinvented Content Creation

How DNL reinvented Content Creation

How DNL reinvented Content Creation

How DNL reinvented Content Creation

Keeping citizen journalism alive with their groundbreaking technology

In a world of click-bait journalism that is obsessed with the analytics of likes, shares, and comments, Democracy News Live is redefining what content creation means in the digital world. In an exclusive interview with Laudco Media, DNL's founder, Mr. Rohit Gandhi tells us all about this dynamic platform. 

Below are the transcripts of the interview.



What is Democracy News Live as a platform?

Monarchy, dictatorships, anarchy, rulers and now to a democratic system of governance, it has taken us centuries of research, work of eminent thinkers, advocacy and evolution to accept a governance system powered by citizens as a norm. With Democracy News Live, we strive everyday to uphold this institution through our writings, reportage, and our unbiased journalism.


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Tell us about the inception of Democracy News Live. How and why was DNL started?

Democracy News Live started in my study in my home with a Wordpress website. A college dropout and a passionate techie helped me set up the website. Then, my colleague and I, just the two of us started publishing stories and got some decent traffic. Over time, we found a great content management system and shifted our website there. More and more people have now become part of our journey and the team has expanded.


How do you plan on making an impact through DNL?

Democracy news live is taking a fresh approach to journalism and social justice. The size of the problem is not known until we see it all put together in flesh and blood. The challenge of people suffering in isolation under regimes that don’t understand the value of people becomes clearer when we realize the amount of people suffering with similar problems. That is an approach we want to take when we showcase issues on democracy news live. Visualisation of stories is the main defining component of DNL.  We want to open the platform to people and then invite them to come and put their issues forward. 

We encourage citizen journalism. The idea is to become the voice of people when they are being wronged by the system. People must be able to say that I voiced my opinion and then when we have all the data visually available to people, government and other stakeholders, we intend to begin questioning the government on why they are not taking action.




Tell us about the technology behind DNL

DNL is building interactives based on GIS so that people can upload content on the platform and we can show the content visually in an appealing way. We should also be able to sort content based on different parameters. We will be building content based on the material/stories we gather. The approach is interactive.


What are some of the challenges you faced while bringing DNL to the market?

The technology we built was one of the toughest to put together. We worked tirelessly with our CMS platform to get it up and running. We intend on making the democracy more alive by making sure that we can continue to power up as many news sites and platforms possible. The idea is to reduce the amount of money it takes to power them up and the turnaround time for them to have a successful stack day after day. Most digital organizations seem to crash when they work on a lower budget and don’t have a way to scale their news product on digital.


How can one use DNL to create better content for website / social media

We have created a platform for people to come and populate original content. We don’t promote the present model in media of plagiarism that copy from sites, change the language and call it their own. We make sure when we pick from other sites we make citations, following principles of journalism.

Most of the content that is produced today is armchair journalism. We want people to get out and produce real stories. And then we help fill the gaps by using our Artificial intelligence platform that with its semantic analysis makes sure that the content is in line with what people are looking for.

So while we concentrate on telling original stories, we continue to produce a digital news platform that uses technology to stay ahead of the competition.


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