Measures To Be Taken By Brands For Surviving Corona

Measures To Be Taken By Brands For Surviving Corona

Measures To Be Taken By Brands For Surviving Corona

Measures To Be Taken By Brands For Surviving Corona

The corona pandemic has led major cities to shut down restaurants, bars, gyms, and schools to try and stop the spread of novel coronavirus. Coronavirus has impacted marketing, PR and social media, along with IT, industry and other sectors. Most global companies like Google, Microsoft, and Spotify have come up with mandatory work from home rules and policies for their employees. Corona will also highly affect the economies of many nations.  

For brand marketers, agencies and owners, all those crisis communication classes will come in handy. 

Amateur marketers and agencies will continue with their plan as if the world is not in chaos. They will use this situation as a cheap way to gain new clients. However, professional agencies will know how to modify their strategies to match the current pandemic scenario. It is better we put a hold on all those campaigns and strategies, which have been decided on, two months ago. Knowing what and how to post, when and where, is what strategy really means. Remember, your clients chose to pay you because you recognize when to stay silent and when to not. 


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Amid the pandemic, it is up to us, to differentiate ourselves from amateur agencies. Keeping in mind the emotional state of the customers is crucial. Marketing to a state of fear is uncalled for. No one wants to buy a newly launched lipstick line, however big the brand may be, during a global crisis. 


We need to come up with information that is relevant and accurate, with respect to the outbreak, while also looking to provide customer support and assistance whenever needed. 

Unless you are some sort of a medical professional, be very careful with what content you are posting. If you are running a hotel agency, people will be tweeting at your brand for refunds or cancellation policies at a larger scale and volume. You must be ready to service them with your social media team. Revise your entire social media marketing strategies. Save all those beautiful creatives for another day. 


Alas, brands can’t stay mute for a long time. Now is the perfect time to divert our focus onto those branding and marketing projects that do not require daily social media posting. Here are some ideas given by Kristen Ruby in an article for ADWEEK. 


SEO historical optimization: Rewrite old blog posts and update your content for answer engine optimization and updated keywords to try to appear in featured snippets.

PR materials: Is the executive bio up to date that you have been pitching to the media for the past two years? Could a fact sheet use a refresher? What about enhancing a headshot?

Interviews: Invest in a good webcam, microphone and lighting. Set up an in-studio environment and guide your clients through this process so they can be available to do Skype interviews from home if the media requests them. If you are asked to self-quarantine, you can still do interviews from the comfort of your own home.

Website: Everyone dreads redoing their website or thinking about their brand purpose. Now is a perfect time to think about this and take a stab at a refresh.

Organizing collateral: Have 1,000 photos from client events saved on your computer? Now is a perfect time to organize them. 

Finally, keep in mind that a global health crisis is not a new opportunity for you.

People will not turn a blind eye to the way you handle your marketing.  

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