The Ultimate Guide To Advertising on Amazon

The Ultimate Guide To Advertising on Amazon

The Ultimate Guide To Advertising on Amazon

The Ultimate Guide To Advertising on Amazon

What Is Amazon Marketing and Why Is It Beneficial?

Amazon marketing service is an advertising solution launched in 2012 to help businesses differentiate their brand in the online marketplace. Amazon marketing allows online sellers to create targeted ads that will appear on key locations of the search results page.

By using signals, such as shopper intent and product keywords, AMS ensures your ads show up in relevant search queries and directs high-intent online shoppers to your product listings. The good news is, you can build your Amazon store for free and pay only when customers click on your ads.


With Amazon marketing service, you can:

  • Increase your brand visibility with customized ads

  • Choose where your ads appear (i.e., desktop, mobile devices, external sites, etc.)

  • Launch targeted ads, depending on analytics results

  • Build consumer trust

  • Provide detailed product features

  • Drive more traffic to your branded pages

  • Position your brand and products in front of over 95 million Amazon Prime members in the U.S

  • Generate more return on investment (ROI)


Research conducted by Bloomreach shows that approximately 55 percent of customers begin their product search on Amazon, regardless of where they purchase the product. With more than half of your prospects starting their buying journey on Amazon, hiring an Amazon agency to help streamline your marketing efforts is a wise decision.

Source: Sellics 

How to Leverage Amazon Marketing Services for Your eCommerce Business

With Amazon marketing service, competing smart is the key to increased sales volume. Level up your Amazon marketing strategies with the help of an Amazon agency and maximize your conversion opportunities.

Here are some tips to effectively promote your brand with AMS:

1. Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

Amazon product listing is the product page for each item you sell on the platform. A well-optimized product listing can increase your click-through rates (CTRs), boost your conversions and lead to better customer reviews.


There are six pillars that make up an effective product listing. These are product titles, images, key features, descriptions, questions and answers (Q&A) and product reviews and ratings. By carefully optimizing each element, you improve your search visibility, attract more loyal customers and generate more sales.


Be sure to follow the best practice guidelines:

  • Craft keyword-optimized, descriptive titles

  • Use relevant search terms on the product descriptions

  • Optimize texts for humans and machines

  • Place high-resolution images

  • Update the Q&A section regularly

  • Increase your reviews and ratings

2. Create Delightful Shopping Experiences

Amazon has a huge market share of products. With millions of brands competing in Amazon, how can you ensure your brand stands out? The key is to provide your customers with the best shopping experience possible.

Results of the Wunderman Commerce survey revealed that 72 percent of online shoppers are more likely to convert with retailers that provide innovative solutions.

3. Leverage Ad Placements

Amazon allows you to launch three different types of ads to promote your brand offerings: sponsored product ads, product display ads and headline search ads.


  • Sponsored product ads are advertisements that drive online shoppers directly to the specific product listing. These are keyword-targeted ads, which are typically displayed above or below the search results page. You can choose from exact or broad match keywords and control your ad spending and duration.

  • Product display ads are product- or interest-targeted ads displayed at the top of the listings page, on the customer review page or at the right or bottom of the search results. Product display ads are useful in targeting a specific competitor or launching new products.

  • Headline search ads are banner ads that appear above the result listing. These ads lead online shoppers to a specific branded page. You can utilize headline search ads to promote more than three products at the same time.

4. Create a Well-Structured Ad Campaign

Amazon’s advertising landscape is constantly changing. Even the most seasoned Amazon marketing company has to take its marketing efforts up a notch to execute effective ad campaigns.


You will have to monitor thousands of keywords per product, create and maintain ad campaigns and gain granular control over your ad groups to achieve the highest possible sales. So what’s the secret to a well-structured pay-per-click (PPC) campaign?


Source: Digital Agency Network


The principle idea behind PPC campaigns is to achieve specific objectives within each ad group, without having to spend an exhaustive amount of time and money on optimizing your ads. Aside from a structured PPC campaign, you must also:


  • Create specific, compelling ad copies

  • Bid on popular brands that offer the same products

  • Leverage all three ad formats

  • Maximize negative keywords


A solid campaign structure ensures your ads are relevant to customers’ search intent. More importantly, it allows Amazon to match new customer search terms with your ad campaigns.

5. Engage Directly With Your Customers


Establishing a robust connection with your customers is one of the best ways to provide high-quality brand experience. Although Amazon does not allow retailers to contact online shoppers via email or phone directly, you can still engage with your customers using the platform.


6. Create Personalized Product Assortments

Each click on your product listings comes from an interested buyer ready to convert anytime. By upgrading your backend processes, you can create a more impactful eCommerce business and gain your competitive edge.


7. Make Online Shopping Easier

As a marketer, your top-selling proposition is convenience. Customers have very little control over the information given to them. As such, it is your responsibility to offer them options that make their online shopping experience more convenient.


Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Display comprehensive product information

  • Keep your business contact information up-to-date

  • Explain your gift messaging or gift wrap services (if available)

  • Keep bank account information current for payments

  • Categorize products based on buyer intent

8. Leverage Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the significant benefits of hiring an Amazon marketing agency is getting access to full-service Amazon SEO solutions tailored to your needs and budget. Like with regular SEO, Amazon SEO is essential in attracting more traffic to your product pages and ranking high on search results.


You might think that ranking on Amazon is much easier compared to Google and other search engines, but it is not that simple. Amazon’s algorithm is built around two factors: relevance and performance. Without in-depth knowledge of how its search algorithms work, you risk wasting your investment.


Partner with an Amazon marketing company to create a winning Amazon SEO strategy. The right Amazon agency will help you:

  • Perform extensive keyword research

  • Optimize your product titles and descriptions with targeted keywords

  • Boost your Amazon product listings

  • Leverage additional content options, such as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), Amazon Storefronts and Amazon Product Listing Video

  • Improve your key product features and images

9. Take Advantage of Customer Reviews

Amazon customer reviews serve as social proof, which attract customers and boost your brand credibility. Reviews and ratings allow online shoppers to assess the quality of your products and customer service and make an opinion about your brand.


A Kenshoo Amazon market research revealed that 22 percent of Amazon shoppers would not look elsewhere once they’ve found a product with good reviews. This means that the more star ratings and positive reviews you have, the higher your chances of conversion.


You may also send follow-up emails after an Amazon purchase, request reviews via social media or newsletters and acknowledge your best customers by responding to their feedback. Doing so allows you to build lasting customer relationships and encourages your shoppers to leave positive reviews.

10. Hire a Respected Amazon Marketing Agency

Let’s face it: doing market inventory, addressing customer queries, processing online purchases and managing product deliveries can spread your time and resources thin. Additionally, dealing with internal operations while managing your Amazon marketing service can put one or the other at risk. Don’t let this happen.


Source: Digital Agency Network


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