Top Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Digital transformation has become a reality for several businesses in the past year and a half, due to the global pandemic. COVID19 accelerated the speed of change by years.


All the future ideas you were going to use for your digital marketing strategies might be outdated now, while a whole new set of issues have risen to attention. 


Consumer behaviours and needs have changed drastically.  


Let’s discuss what is trending now, and focus on where to allocate your budget for the upcoming quarters- so you stay ahead of your competition.  



Consumer behavioural changes are here to stay:  


Because of the global pandemic, 60% of businesses across various sectors have seen new buying practices in this past year.  


Keeping up with the demand for easy, quick online purchasing and contactless delivery now falls under the category of old challenges. 


Organisations are now planning to build a safe, secure and resilient future. 


A recent Institute for Business Value report by IBM finds that upgrading to a more resilient structure stands as a priority for 52% retail brands along with executing contactless mobile payments (47%) and creating a vigorous digital platform for selling (45%).  


Waiting to return back to “normal” is now pointless. According to research, vaccines and re-opening are already leading a new set of online search opportunities.  


All the ideas and plans you categorized as low priority and the ones you kick-started before pandemic must be reprioritized and re-strategized.  


Lay out all your budgets, scope, timelines and priority order on the table. Some of your ideas may need to be immediately put into action while others are dropped forever.  


While planning now keep the future of your company, five years post COVID, in mind.


Real time insights to get ahead of consumer demands: 


It’s no secret that search insights come very close to accurately understanding your customer. 



Consumers are conveying to brands exactly what they need, want and purpose through search queries and onsite attitude.  


Your organization should have the sources to listen, analyze and implement the insights into real-time personalization. You are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your audience, if you aren’t set up to do so.  

Ensure the processes, platforms and people are in place to convert this highly valuable consumer data into work.  


Customers are expecting brands to give them connected digital journeys: 


Salesforce, in their recent State of the Connected Customer survey, found that 80% of users believe that experience they have with an organisation is as important as its services or products.  


Let it be a chat with an AI bot or talking with a customer representative over phone, users expect the agents to have access to their information.


They want the interactions to pick up where they were left off.  


First-party data will boost to the top:  



Google is planning to stop producing third-party cookies. Which means our PPC & SEO professionals are working hard to come up with a strategy for a future that has no cookies. Also, 46% say that deprecating cookies is the top media challenge for 2021.  


This also means that first-party data is of high importance and value since behavioural analysis and ad targeting might become even more difficult.  


It’s better to start planning on how your consumer questions will be handled. The concerns about data storage, disposal and privacy.  


Figure out what you are able and willing to offer users in exchange for their data. Assess the effect this upcoming trend would have on your analytics and measurement processes.

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