Ways to Ramp Up Digital Marketers Cybersecurity

Ways to Ramp Up Digital Marketers Cybersecurity

Ways to Ramp Up Digital Marketers Cybersecurity

Ways to Ramp Up Digital Marketers Cybersecurity

Ways to Ramp Up Digital Marketers Cybersecurity 


When it comes to digital marketing, most digital marketers often make a mistake to overlook the significance of cyber-security. Digital marketers heavily rely on their websites, social media and emails. Securing all these resources and the associated data must be the top priority of all digital marketers today. Hacks and viruses are the real threats that can bring lots of damaging consequences to your business. Cloud storage is the most convenient option for digital marketing, but it is not as secure as storing the data offline. Cyber-Security is very crucial for digital marketing in 2020. But the use of cloud storage can make Cyber-Security difficult and challenging. Remember the good old days? The days where all of our data was stored locally? Of course, we still store most of our data locally, but many companies—from Microsoft to Apple to Google—prefer cloud storage, where our data gets stored to one of their servers somewhere else.

How to Ramp Up Cybersecurity Efforts

There are three ways you can tighten up security, whether you’re an individual working from home or the CEO of a business. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Use a VPN

The Internet being accessible from anywhere at any time is great and allows for people to get work done from anywhere. However, we rarely think of the consequences of doing so. 

Most public networks or phone networks are unencrypted, meaning that anyone on the same network can observe what you’re doing and—possibly—steal your data. This can lead to identity theft and fraud, leaving you to pick up the pieces.


It’s recommended to avoid the use of public networks, but that’s not possible for many people. Plus, many home networks lack encryption as well, making this a problem at home too. 


You can fix this lack of encryption by using certain software, such as a VPN. According to ExpressVPN’s guide to “what is a VPN,” a VPN stands for virtual private network and allows you to encrypt the data of your devices and network (granted you have the right hardware).

Using an encrypted network is simple, and is considered to be the easiest form of encryption next to Microsoft’s encryption software on Windows devices. 

2. Always Update Your Devices

We know for a fact we’re not the only one who gets annoyed by Windows’ constant update reminders. It seems like every time I turn on my PC, there’s an update waiting to be downloaded. It’s tedious and time-consuming.


But it’s also necessary.

In-your-face updates may be annoying, but they are a good reminder that you should update your device. If it weren’t for them, I’d never remembered to do so. And updating your devices is important. These updates typically come with security patches, bug fixes, and a bunch of other miscellaneous fixes that make managing security a whole lot easier on that device.


Microsoft introduces security patches often with small updates. With these updates, it’s harder for hackers and cybercriminals to, you know, hack your device. Always update your devices, no matter how annoying said update may be.


3. Keep Yourself ‘In the Know’

Not knowing the dangers that lie on the Internet makes you more susceptible to becoming a victim of these dangers, of these viruses, hacks, malware, scams, and vice versa. It’s important you keep yourself “in the know” about these things.


Staying aware of what you’re doing on the Internet and the dangers you may run into will help you stay safe, helping you avoid the eventual headache that comes from removing a virus on your laptop.


It’s becoming increasingly aware that cybersecurity is essential nowadays. Without practicing proper cybersecurity, it’s not a question of if you become a victim of a hack, but when.


This goes double for digital marketers. Digital marketers hold a lot of information that, if it goes out to the public, their career is done, and the company they’re with can suffer.


Digital marketers must put all their efforts into practicing the best Cyber-Security efforts and implement all the methods to stay safe and protected. Digital Marketing experts have lots of information stored in their system, and if it is hacked or goes out to the public, then it will ruin their career and also the reputation of the company will suffer in the long run. So, it is extremely important to ramp up the Cyber-Security efforts today to stay protected from all cybercriminals and their attacks. 


Source: Digital Network


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