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 Women: The new wave of Digital Disruption

From the dawn of time, women have fought against the status quo. Women and girls are fascinated by role models who have come before them in history, and historical examples are being taught more frequently in the classroom. Any industry’s female leaders must possess a certain set of abilities and qualities, specifically those relating to leadership.    

While prominent women have dominated a wide range of fields and professions throughout history, all of them share one trait in common: they are fighters who are constantly fighting against the system.  

What is digital disruption?  

Fundamental changes are made to established procedures and practices of an industry in the wake of digital disruption. In all transitions, new business models and digital technologies are central. One only has to look at the digital marketing trends for 2022 and beyond to understand the speed of change brought about by digital. Modern, cutting-edge models and technologies have a great impact on the value of current services and goods, unsettle once-dominant businesses, and, in turn, cause changes throughout the market. The word “disruption” was thus born.  

There is digital disruption everywhere. Wherever an innovative mind exists, there will be upheaval in business and society. Despite the potential for negative associated with the word “disruption,” the goal of digital disruption is completely different.   

 It involves shaping possibilities to create our world a more functional, prosperous, and frequently beautiful environment. The increasing significance of female influencers is brought up by this.  

Women Leading Digital Disruption  

According to the “2021 Women in Tech Report,” even though more women are pursuing STEM degrees and working in the technology industry, 72 percent of them are often outnumbered by men in business meetings by a 2:1 ratio. Women in the computer industry are also four times more likely to perceive gender bias as a barrier to promotion. Thank goodness, things are evolving. The sheer act of altering the demography of the tech workforce is disruptive, but this goes beyond a simple rebalancing of the scales in the modern era. For women who want to break through and have a significant social influence, the tech and marketing sectors are ideal. More women are finding their place in these professions because they call for individuals who are progressive and concerned about social concerns and the future of our society. You’ll find female tech and digital marketing influencers on this list that inspire others and work with unbridled passion. 

Jean Liu   


 Uber has been one of the most spectacular disruptive businesses we’ve seen so far, as the majority of people are aware. The most well-known ride-sharing app in the world, however, is being challenged by Jean Liu. Jean Liu made waves right away after joining Didi Chuxing rideshare, China’s largest mobile transportation provider, in 2014. With a $50 billion market cap, Didi is accessible in 400 Chinese cities in addition to 16 foreign nations. This is in large part because of the turf battle Liu fought with Uber, which forced the latter to divest its China business. As businesses sign up to hire and give greater possibilities to women, Lui encourages women to join the booming industry in China.  

Dara Treseder 

Dara Treseder has an outstanding résumé. She was a former employee of Apple, served as CMO of GE Ventures and GE Business Innovations, and served as the company’s first-ever CMO before joining Peloton Interactive as global head of marketing, communications, and membership. She oversees expanding Peleton’s brand and rider community internationally in her current role. Since signing up, Peloton has collaborated with longstanding member Beyoncé to create its #MyPelotonReason campaign, which highlights. success stories of its users. She’s always been determined to achieve as a black woman in a cutthroat field, motivated by her mother. She elaborated on her guiding ideas in an interview with Marie Claire. 

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Sabba Quidwai 

Sabba Quidwai is on a quest to foster an innovative culture among young people because she is passionate about education. With the straightforward goal of “designing schools that provide young people the mentality and skills they need to thrive in workplaces and as global citizens,” she established Designing Schools in 2019. She began her career as a science instructor before moving into the Director of Innovative Learning position at the University of Southern California and the position of Education Leadership Executive at Apple, giving her experience in the higher education and technology sectors. She was, nevertheless, motivated to create schools that “spark wonder, curiosity, and creativity” by her nephew. 

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The future is women. 

Our hearts are won by the contributions of women who have inspired us, including designers, space explorers, artists, and activists who have made extraordinary contributions to humanity. New era of inspiration is being ushered in by women disrupting the digital world. In spite of the fact that they still need to work toward equality, respect, and positions, women today are more powerful than ever. The future of digital marketing is in the capable hands of sector leaders. 

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