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Google’s algorithm updates: 2022 Timeline 

What is Google Algorithm Update? 
A Google algorithm update is a modification made to Google’s search engine to enhance the accuracy, usefulness, and overall user experience of its search results. The entire ranking system is made up of many algorithms that take into account various aspects of the page, such as its quality, relevancy, and usability. 
Without a doubt, it is one of the most important technologies ever developed.  With an estimated 5.6 billion searches conducted on Google every day, it is safe to conclude that Google has a significant impact on both the world and companies.  
Google changes algorithm modifications constantly throughout the year, which results in shifts in search result rankings. Let us understand the changes done this year 2022.

The Google algorithm update 2022 is a complex system that modifies Google’s search engine. Read to know more about it!  
AUGUST 2022- Content Update 
Google launched the “helpful content update” on August 18, 2022, in response to increasing complaints about the calibre and variety of search results that emerge when users search on Google. This significant algorithm upgrade emphasises rewarding content that puts people first and offers a pleasant user experience. 
This algorithm change is intended to target in particular “content that seems to have minimal value, low-added value, or is otherwise not particularly useful to individuals doing searches.” 
Remember, Google’s helpful content update is a site-wide signal. It targets websites with a disproportionately high volume of unsatisfactory or useless material that is written with search engines in mind first. Search engine-optimized material, often known as “search engine first content,” is a subject that keeps popping up on social media and in other places. In other words, unsatisfied searchers are turning to other websites 

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JULY 2022-Product Review Update 
The Google product reviews update seeks to highlight review content that is preferable to much of the pre-written data you encounter online. According to Google, it will prioritise these product reviews in the order of search results. 
Although Google does not officially penalise lower-quality product evaluations with “thin content that merely summarises a bunch of products,” it will undoubtedly feel that way if you produce such content and see your rankings drop as a result of other content being promoted above yours. Technically, Google maintains, there is no penalty applied to your material; rather, Google just gives higher results to sites with more insightful review content. 

 Technically speaking, this upgrade should only have an effect on content that reviews products, not other kinds of content. 

MAY 2022- Core Update 
On May 25, 2022, Google launched a “wide core upgrade” to its search-engine algorithm, according to Danny Sullivan, a Google Search Public Liaison. Google’s broad core modifications have an overall impact on search engine ranking criteria without specifically targeting any one issue. Therefore, Google refers to them as “broad.” 

Compared to the November 2021 core upgrade, the May 2022 core update appears to be far more important. This upgrade was timed much better for merchants than the core update in November 2021, which was released during the busiest time of year for online shopping. I covered the community reaction in one blog post on Search Engine Roundtable early on. It covers some of the early chatter, ranking charts and social shares from various SEOs. 

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MARCH 2022- Product Algorithm Update 
For websites with reviews, Product Algorithm Update can lead to significant volatility, and several users felt that the first two PRUs were fundamental updates. With every PRU, Google aims to keep improving by surfacing the most informative and high-quality evaluations in the search results. Because of this, items that are fewer and of lower quality should drop in the search results ranks as more in-depth information increases. 
This particular algorithm is designed to reward reviews that share detailed research which summarizes the information on manufacturer’s website. No additional instructions are included in today’s update. Websites that publish product reviews are encouraged to continue focusing on meeting Google’s stringent criteria for high-quality content. 

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FEBRUARY 2022- Page Experience Update 
An overview of the user experience of visitors to the site is provided in the Page Experience report. Google analyses page experience metrics for every URL on your website and will apply them as a ranking factor for a URL in Google Search results. The Page Experience report provides useful indicators, allowing you to rapidly assess performance, such as the percentage of URLs with good page experience and search impressions over time. To learn more about potential areas for development, you can also delve deeper into the elements of the page experience signal. 

Page experience is important, but Google will still try to rank pages with the best overall information, even if the page experience is below average. Great site experience doesn’t overwrite great site content. However, page experience can become more important for search visibility when there are many similar and relevant pages 

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The principles of SEO haven’t changed much since search engines first appeared, despite Google’s frequent upgrades. You don’t have to stay on top of every single Google update. But being aware of new technologies, shifting SERPs possibilities, and major Google updates adds critical insight to what you’re seeing in your site’s performance data. 

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