Influencer Marketing Has Turned Into A Powerful Tool, Amid COVID-19

Influencer Marketing Has Turned Into A Powerful Tool, Amid COVID-19

Influencer Marketing Has Turned Into A Powerful Tool, Amid COVID-19

Influencer Marketing Has Turned Into A Powerful Tool, Amid COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 has forced brands to press pause on ad productions and shoots, they are taking advantage of social media influencer marketing across famous socials such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. 


But the real question is: Is influencer marketing sufficient for moving forward with business as usual? How to avoid coming across as insensitive? How can we implement changes in a way that won’t send us back too much, once the COVID-19 situation has ended? 


The answers to these questions are subtle. However the one sentiment that’s taken birth is that the source for entertainment, positivity and accurate information should be social media. 

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Branded content and influencers can reduce a ton of issues faced by customers during the pandemic. Boredom, isolation and ensuring big critical messages from health care officials and government can be heightened, if the right strategy is put in place. 


Here are various tips that can be useful for fellow marketers, struggling to keep up with the COVID-19 crisis, along with if influencer marketing is a good choice: 


Keep In Mind What People Really Need At This Moment Of Crisis:


As marketers, it is our job to thoughtfully and completely consider the needs of society, before we go ahead with our strategies. Meaning, keenly going through your marketing plans and adding required sensitivity marks around communications. 


This means twisting your briefs, the final message and even goals, for influencer marketing. A top beauty brand working with influencers for at-home-skin-care routines or a famous dessert brand working with influencers to share easy mousse and sweets recipes, can be truly helpful for customers during this lockdown. But the content should be shared in a respectful way. 


Now is the apt period for brands to really be there for their customers, by activating any marketing caused relief efforts, in a fun way. 


People Want Digital Content Since Social Media and Mobile Phone Usage Is At The Zenith, During Lockdown


This is a huge opportunity for reaching out to people through digital channels. Ofcourse, this is not a situation any of us want, but every opportunity is an opportunity. Brand marketers need to evolve their strategies, to keep up with the changing behaviours and spending ways of people. 


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The effectiveness of out of home ads will extremely reduce in the coming days, weeks and months because of the COVID-19 lockdown situation (people will stay home and won’t go out so much), for instance.  


Shift your marketing pennies to reach out to people where they are and where we predict them to be, in the upcoming weeks. It’s a good and right time for that. 


Influencers: Trusted By Several Millennials And Generation Z


Specifically among younger users, influencers are found to be totally trustworthy and amazingly persuasive. 


The trust these younger masses place in influencers is very crucial, especially now since many of them have not received the information from traditional media, health officials etc. Also, they are taking this threat not seriously. 


Influencer campaigns are sufficiently flexible to catch up with the current needs and have international reach


Influencer marketing campaign strategies are extremely flexible and could be twisted or launched, that make them impressingly valuable. Several influencers have international reach and could help us spread the message from one area to the whole world.


Brands like Glucon D have turned to digital marketing ways such as influencer and social media marketing, to promote their content while keeping the current needs of the people in check. They also succeeded in spreading the awareness message through these strategies. 


For example, one of India’s top brands, Dettol recently came up with a TikTok challenge around the coronavirus pandemic, with the hashtag #HandWashChallenge. They first used many influencers to promote this challenge and it quickly became viral. Check out all the details about this campaign on the Laudco media blog


“Marketing is all about human connection and one of the most defining human traits is our ability to adapt to change. If all the activity around COVID-19 on social media is showing us anything, it’s that we’re going to find creative ways to stay connected.”, says  Shubham Mehrothra, CEO and Founder of Laudco Media


No one can predict the surprises and shocks the future has in the bag for us. Services and goods will probably be heavily impacted by the constant lockdowns. Another wave of it might emerge, when people let their guards down after all this. Brands and influencers therefore might help to send out the messages and converse with the masses in an empathetic manner, irrespective of the public’s mood, amid the current scenario. 

Content Creators Sport The Capability For Adding Hilarity And Entertainment To The Lives Of Customers


Influencers could be used to lighten the mood whenever appropriate, along with spreading life saving details. It’s a known fact that in times of crisis, people tend to turn to social media for information and comfort. Along with trusted platforms, they look to their favourite content creator and/or influencer for guidance and entertainment. This is where brands come into the picture. 

Three Things the brands should do to connect with their customers:

1. Understand how your brand fits into people’s lives during this developing situation.

2. Connect with consumers purposefully.

3. Be mindful of your brand’s campaign messaging and tone of voice.


Let’s take Flipkart's #EntertainmentNo1 reality contest. Hindi film actor, Varun Dhawan collaborated with Flipkart for this one of a kind, at-home reality show. This is the perfect example of how brands can cheer up their users and stroke their creative sides, while adapting to the changing reality of the world. 


Although a fatigued practice before, influencer marketing has now boosted up and turned into a legit practice. It is expected that appropriate branded and influencer digital content, will turn into one of the powerful and common tools that marketers consist of.  


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Partnering with Creators & Influencers

Influencers are dealing with this unprecedented situation just like all of us – they’re everyday people affected by this deeply disruptive event. They are documenting their lifestyles under these changing circumstances across every platform – from parents suddenly juggling daycare and work, to easy-to-perform home workouts, to ways of maintaining positivity during a challenging time.


Creators are multi-faceted and complex, which is why you won’t just find “fitness” influencers talking about home workout tips (though you can find many amazing examples of those). Instead, we’re seeing creators attempt new content formats or talk about different aspects of daily life in isolation, which is why we advise brands to be vigilant of the conversation happening online. Good ideas can come from anyone on social media and brands shouldn’t limit opportunities based on general categories.


Connecting with the right influencer is essential for your brand personality online. The Scroll Lab is one of India’s most popular platforms for executing innovative influencer marketing campaigns. You can check some of their recent work here.


If you are a brand or an influencer on a hunt for fresh ideas, connect with them through to get in touch and to know more. 


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