Things To Keep In Mind While Managing Your Brand’s Content: COVID-19 edition

Things To Keep In Mind While Managing Your Brand’s Content: COVID-19 edition

Things To Keep In Mind While Managing Your Brand’s Content: COVID-19 edition

Things To Keep In Mind While Managing Your Brand’s Content: COVID-19 edition

Every brand is not required to insert themselves into the conservations regarding COVID-19. But health insurance and personal finance brands carry the responsibility to keep their users informed about the updates and changes in regards to the crisis. 

We all are handling this challenging time in our own ways. However, some brands have come up with creative, engaging and helpful content for their users.  Let’s take a look at these three main suggestions/tips for marketing through content, amid the pandemic: establishing content hubs, providing alerts and generating fresh content. 

Establish Content Hubs That Are Specialized: 

Most of us have content that already exists or are creating it at a fast pace. If that’s the case, then consider organizing it into a ‘hub’ for the users. Zoom, the one we use for all our conference meetings and client calls, is the one that came out of this in a huge way. Let’s use it as an example.


It is essential to educate people on how to use the program, to be able to connect with family or work. This is because there are many new users, old and young. 


Take a visit to their website. You are immediately directed to a COVID-19 hub page which is full of demos and tutorials, along with a library full of content about working from home, hosting online events and educating. 

Another example is Turbo tax, who did a great job of creating a hub page. Taxes affect everyone in any country and taxes are definitely affected by COVID-19. Obviously, there is a need for accurate information around this.

Turbo tax came up with an alert that is a nice way of directing users to a compilation of articles regarding filing taxes. 


Title Tags and Header ideas for COVID


Don’t be too concerned with making these posts and hub pages to search volumes. Although you will mostly see search volume develop for certain general topics related to it.

For instance, since it’s usually tax time, “coronavirus taxes” is trending up, when you look up Google Trends. Unsurprisingly, TurboTax’s hub page is top ranking for this keyword. 

Adjust your keywords loosely, but do not force anything. Never forget, you are out to help, not take an advantage of the crisis. It is not the ‘perfect opportunity’ to keyword stuff. 


Keep in mind your site’s architecture


Give a thought about placing the new or more newsworthy pages higher in the structure of your site. This way they could rank much better. 


Certain websites may need to evaluate revising some of their linked content, deleting less relevant content from their footer area and navigation of the site. This depends on how long the current scenario will go on for. 


Also, the content which is less valuable could be worth inserting deep into the architecture, swapping for more relevant content. 

Looking at the difference in traffic to the content on your website from February to March, is one suggestion. This way you will know if there is any unobvious content that comes up in searches, which may be worth updating in the architecture. 


Give Status Updates


Always remember to keep in mind, look out for your users. Amid the pandemic, alerting users of information that is important by making use of a banner below or above on the homepage of your website, is one of the best ways. 


The ones who are affected by COVID-19 among your users should easily be able to find the needed information. 

An example is,  Apple sending alerts to their users regarding important retail store details during COVID-19. 

Large industries such as insurance, also are required to step up in such situations, to show their users how they are ensuring their well being and protection. 

Other large industries, like insurance, also need to step up in times of crisis like this to let users know how they are protecting their health and well being. 

Follow this link to understand the required measures to be taken by brands for surviving COVID-19. 

Generate Fresh Content

Coming up with fresh new content might need quick creative thinking and turning around the table. For most businesses though, it’s an opportunity to show how their users might be affected by the coronavirus. Meaning you will have to halt your current content and start working on a fresh post that will interfere with your present content schedule.

While the content might be changed quickly, it does not imply that your quality must suffer. This is honestly the time for it to stand out more i.e. unique. This is due to the fact that several brands will come up with COVID-19 content. Perfect example for this is Dettol’s Tik Tok challenge, which took the internet by a storm recently. Click here for more details on how they executed their strategy. 

Search for relevant ideas for content:

Inspiration for content can come from many ways. For both, content created purely for UGC or engagement and search driven.  

Apart from the larger issues, people are now facing smaller new issues because they are locked inside their homes. Here are few suggestions on how to come up with content ideas:

  1. Find out what topics are being covered by publishers and use them for better/enhanced content ideas.

  2. Reddit is the best place to find inspiration. 

  3. Search for ideas that are trending with out-of-the box ideas. 

  4. Research Google Trends for ideas and accordingly make changes in the scheduled content. 


Finally, make sure to note that this pandemic situation is not a free, excellent opportunity for you to better your brand. Do not take advantage of it, and decrease the quality of your brand on your own. Everyone will observe it, and once this crisis has passed, it will surely affect your business. 




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