Tips That Can Help Brands Manage The Coronavirus Situation

Tips That Can Help Brands Manage The Coronavirus Situation

Tips That Can Help Brands Manage The Coronavirus Situation

Tips That Can Help Brands Manage The Coronavirus Situation

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has led to several brands struggling for survival. The crisis which has led to Quarantine restrictions is keeping customers away. Logistical issues have diminished e-sales and manufacturing closures in China have left businesses running out of stock. 

Marketers have immense pressure and they are expected to strive through this public health crisis. While some companies now have products in high demand, others are struggling to get sales. All of this means that it is time for agencies to re-think their marketing strategies. 

Here are a few things that brands can do to manage this crisis: 

  1. Show Support

The most important question a marketer should be asking right now is  ‘How can we support customers during this time?’ and not, “How can I sell more?”. This attitude of trying to sell more even during a crisis can work against the brand and put clients off. In China, an increasing number of e-commerce, media, and tech companies, including Alibaba, have stepped up to show their support. Luxury group LVMH has donated US$2.3 million to the Chinese Red Cross, and the beauty group L’Oreal pledged US$720,000 to help fight the virus. Nobody’s asking you to make extreme donations like above but even a small donation or helping people in need can be a great gesture. It is also a good PR move.

  1. Keywords are key

This is a global pandemic. The entire world is paying attention. It only makes sense that many people are talking about it, going online to find out more, and buying relevant products to help protect themselves. The brand should be targeting sectors such as healthcare, wellness, and medical products. To be able to successfully do this, targeting the right customers should be the brand’s primary goal. This can be done using AI-driven tools which can analyze online data to identify who is reading content about the coronavirus, and what type of content they are reading.

  1. Increase your online content

With so many people at home doing self-quarantine, video and gaming apps have hit high download volumes. According to one report, 574 accounts on video platforms Douyin and Kuaishou have gained up to 500k new followers respectively. You can tap into this market by creating branded apps, games and videos.

  1. Communicate using multiple channels

If your business has high demand which has led to logistical delays, keeping the customers informed is key. To ensure you can reach your customers and respond to their questions or complaints in time, use multichannel communication to engage them, whether that is through website, email, social, push notifications or in-app messaging. 

  1. Relevant Creatives

Along with keywords, the visuals will also need to be very relevant. If your product has the potential to help people right now, such as hand sanitizer, you should be getting your message and product out there. Campaigns with helpful messages can also work wonders. An example of this is Perfect Diary broadcasting safety recommendations to customers. 

These are the tips that can help your company deal with the current situation until the retail market gets back to normal. Remember to show support and communicate effectively and your brand will be able to make it through.

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