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When Marketing Entered the World of Metaverse 

Metaverse has been taking the world by storm and is considered the next big thing on the internet. So, what exactly do you know about the Metaverse? Picture a place where you live, work, play, shop and interact with others virtually in your physical rooms. That’s the Metaverse.  

It’s a digital environment wherein people are represented by virtual avatars, like the popular video game Minecraft. Users can practically live in the metaverse which mimics the physical world using technologies such as AI, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), digital currency and so on.  

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Marketing in the Metaverse 

Such ever-evolving technologies challenge brands to constantly step-up their marketing game. While we were cooped up in our homes during the pandemic, brands had to find a way to reach their audience in a more innovative way that will retain their brand identity and authenticity. Since the Metaverse basically imitates the real world, it helps brands to stick to a realistic depiction of products as well as people. It also helps them to target Gen Z and Millennial users in a new engaging way.  

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How it can be done 

Creating immersive experiences that showcase what the brand does in real-life can become key while marketing in the Metaverse. Skateboarding brand Vans had launched a skatepark called Vans World in Roblox that allows users to come together and perform tricks and stunts- yes, virtually. They also had a virtual store where users can redeem points to customize their avatars.  

Collectibles is another marketing strategy you can take advantage of while marketing in the Metaverse. Louis Vuitton’s ‘Louis: The Game’ makes use of this feature. The cute protagonist of the game travels to different places around the world searching for collectible NFT (non-fungible tokens) candles. Another example could be of the luxury fashion brand Gucci. In 2021, Gucci opened the ‘Gucci Garden’ on Roblox, which allowed people to collect Gucci items in the Metaverse.  

The Metaverse also provides a platform for artists and influencers to host concerts, tournaments and other events virtually to bring people together in real time. Rapper Travis Scott drew in an audience of nearly 30 million viewers to his “Fortnite” MILE (Massive Interactive Live Events). This is similar to influencer campaigns where user-generated content is important to engage your audience.  

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The Future of Marketing 

Unlike other trends, the Metaverse seems to be a promising tech development for the long term. In 2021, Facebook introduced the work metaverse for Oculus that allowed people to work and interact together in a virtual conference room. This is especially useful now since more companies have begun working from home. Since online gathers more audience and gives more engagement, brands have begun considering the Metaverse as one of their primary sources of disseminating information.   

In the world of Metaverse, where reality becomes virtual, you have a variety of choices for brand promotion- from setting up virtual billboards on digital domains to providing services that are exclusively accessible in the metaverse. Since branding, marketing and advertising in the Metaverse is relatively new, the costs to run a campaign are still very affordable.  

So, if you’re considering moving your marketing strategies to the virtual reality of the Metaverse, give it a go! But remember, just sharing regular ads will not work, you will have to indulge in creativity and engagement as your USP. Experiment with different strategies until you find the one that works for you both here and in the Meta world.  

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