Branding and Communication

Redefine your Brand Identity

We work with businesses to create both new, and re-imagined brand identities, that perfectly reflect the company. We offer various branding packages depending on the needs of the client. Our immediately recognisable brand identities undergo a range of services, including brand proposition strategy, logo designs, typography and colour selection, tone of voice, imagery styling, textures and patterns, plus packaging and point of sale.

We will encompass the essence and culture of your business through our experience and design skills, working closely with you to achieve a distinctive look that speaks volumes for your organisation. Branding is one of the most crucial aspects of any business, large or small, and we are experts in both the creative end goal and the strategic brand proposition piece behind it.

Website & App Development

With our in-house experts, we help build your digital presence through beautifully designed websites and apps that comply with the needs of your brand identity and target audience.

Amazon Listing & Positioning

Our in-house specialists ensure that your brands' product positioning clearly understands the needs of customers so that the right communication channels are selected and key messages resonate with the target customer base.

Strategy & Proposition

We focus on combining brand and performance building with communities, and telling complex stories through ecosystems of creatives, all delivered by our specialist strategy, creative, media, management, and influencer teams.

Social Media Management

We craft the perfect social media management strategy to both, meet and exceed your requirements. We also understand the need for a social media management strategy that addresses the unique needs of your brand to engage and inform your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimized content gets more traffic and leads, that's just a fact. We provide SEO optimization of your digital content effective on page SEO that ensures more engagement, traffic and leads by improving your brand's user experience with our result driven SEO services.

Brand & Product Design

We understand that good design is a major crowd puller. That’s why we’re here to help you design your products and brands in ways that highlight your features and benefits to your audience.

Brand Guideline

For a digital identity, consistency is key. We address your need for brand guidelines that help create a strong brand identity. With our expertise, we help clarify what your brand stands for, allowing you to communicate your purpose, personality, and promises.

Case Studies

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Laudco Media


Go Grub collaborated with Laudco Media with the purpose of revamping their product entire packaging to make it more vibrant and appealing to their consumers. The packaging was designed to reflect their core brand values of making organic food with superior ingredients assessable.  


The bar and lounge from Chennai and Tamil Nadu approached Laudco Media to enhance their brand image. Laudco developed a branding guideline that was bespoke to the brand and had an improved brand awareness and recall. Basically, Laudco helped Dash develop a stronger brand identity through their branding.