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Tips and tricks for all you Instagram Influencers 

If you didn’t already know, Instagram has updated its algorithm and it has become more difficult for users to be visible on the feed now. 

Laudco Media is here to save the day and give you tips and hacks on how to work your way around this new update and how to be visible to your followers.
1) Quick Response Time

Now you need to respond to the comments you get on your post within one hour otherwise instagram will reduce the visibility of your post. Hence, more the engagement on your post, more relevance it holds and therefore it will be more visible. Remember to do this in under 60 minutes.

2) Insta Stories

Stories now carry more weightage in terms of relevance for Instagram as the company recognizes it as gaining organic reach and growth. So make the most of this feature and jump on board, if you weren’t already.

3) The Nervous 90’s

Now instagram is reducing visibility of at least 90% of your followers so not paying heed to these updates could mean an end of the road for users promoting their personal brand. That’s a shame for all those instagram models with ‘personal blog’ in their bios.

This means instagram will only show your posts to 10% of your followers. This means if a person has 1000 followers, only 100 of them would get your post on their feed. This 10% includes the followers with the most interactions on your feed. Which means people who regularly like(minor interaction) and comment(major interaction) will help your post be unleashed to the other 90% which is called the “snowball effect”. So if your followers just scroll past the photos you upload Instagram doesn’t really bat an eye. So you need to up your social media game and require your posts to increase interactions.

4) #Cringe

Instagram had a limit of 30 #s which could be used at first. Now this made the caption look very bad and users put irrelevant hashtags to gain more visibility. To increase the aesthetic value users started putting the hashtags in the comments section. 

Instagram, now, doesn’t consider hashtags in the comments section an engagement anymore, moreover only 5 are allowed. So users have to be very careful and use only relevant ones which would help their post pop up on a viewers feed.

5) Edit? Just forget it

Don’t edit your posts after you’ve already posted them as instagram recognizes them as being mistakes and would decrease the visibility of such content. If you made a mistake, it’s preferable to delete it and repost it rather than editing it.

6) size does matter

The length of the engagement also matters. Just putting an emoji or replying with an “I like this” won’t do. Instagram wont consider interactions which are less than 3 words. So you need your followers to be replying with at least 4 words and your response should also be along these parameters.

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