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Tips for Marketing your brand on Twitter

Every brand wants to acquire new leads and customers every day. But how effective is Twitter when it comes to reaching out to new leads?

Twitter – with more than 328 million monthly active users across the globe – is an obvious starting place for a platform to reach out to your target market. Have you been doing it? If not, it’s time you start using it to reach out to them!

Look no further. You’ve come to the right place. Our social media experts at Laudco are here to tell you how you can use Twitter to your advantage and find genuine, promising leads.

1. Use Twitter Cards to your Advantage

Laudco suggests taking complete advantage of Twitter Cards. Unlike standard tweets, Cards hold more than 140 characters. Besides, they also support accompanying images, videos and product descriptions. The only thing to keep in mind is that to use them, you need to either have an official account or add supporting coding to your website.

Of the eight different Twitter Cards available, the product and lead generation card is by far the most efficient in any brand’s digital marketing arsenal. These cards hold up to 200 characters for the product description and you can also include a title for your product, a description as well as a small image. You can also include information such as product availability, price, and location.

2. Use of keywords and Tips for Marketing your brand on Twitter

Start by making a list of keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your business, such as the brand, products, and services you offer. You could even include the names of your competitors and their offerings as a part of your list.

Filter through the results that appear after the keywords and hashtag search, find and follow the people who could be potential clients for your brand. It’s important for you as a brand to engage in conversations with these people by retweeting their posts and using @mentions to connect with them.

You could also try out a few advanced search filters on Twitter to narrow down your search and reach out to your target customer. You could also refine your search by adding their location details to get hyperlocal results.

Once you’ve identified your customer base via Twitter, now is the perfect opportunity for you to @mention them, invite them to your business page, an upcoming event or even lead them to your official account.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a simple search or an advanced search: just make sure you click over to the profiles and see who has a good number of followers, as well as the most important metrics of the frequency and number of retweets they get for your keywords.

These people are your influencers – Time to start cultivating relationships!

3. Hosting Vote based Contests

At Laudco, we believe it’s essential to create customer engagement activities. This not only helps generate content but also helps brands view their consumer perception, accelerate leads, understand about product preferences and other important customer insights.

Also, it’s not just about hosting the contest but also about offering prizes that are a direct relation to the value of your business to gain the best leads. This helps incentivize people to take part and attract those people who genuinely are interested in what you as a brand offer.

4. Give attention to unusual tweets

Most people usually tweet to express their opinions, likes, lifestyles, motivations, aspirations, and desires. This makes it easier for you as a brand to tap into these insights without spending on actual market research.

While you do this, it’s essential for you as a brand to note down all topics your prospective customers tweet about, and not just the first result from the search. This helps get to know what exactly your consumer’s interests are outside of your specific offerings.

It is also possible for you to find a trend containing hashtags used by your followers, their choice of lifestyle or similar  life goals. In effect, the better you understand your market demographics, the more effectively you can strategize, market and sell.

5. Share Content That’s Clickworthy

When sharing quotes, be aware to share those quotes that ignite a “That’s some!” or a “Me Too!” reader reaction.

Questions that are shared must be able to create conversations with consumers and engage them. One of the best ways to get attention is to tweet the most asked question to you as a brand and to tell people that they can find the answer on your website.

If you’re hosting an event or seminar soon, giving a sneak peek about it through Twitter helps create curiosity in the mind of the followers. This usually leads to more footfalls on the actual day!

Quick Tip – Make sure you limit your tweet to less than 140 characters giving enough space to post your link as well. You can use a Link Shortening website like if character space is an issue here.

6. Quick Wrap Up

These five tricks and tips are just a few examples of the various ways in which Twitter can be used to acquire new leads and customers. So go ahead, and incorporate these to get qualified leads, customers insights and amplify your Twitter engagement.

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