How Branding Affects Consumer Behavior 

Have you ever felt attracted to a product by its color, logo, or packaging? Possibly, yes. Naturally, human beings feel comfortable when making informed, educated decisions. That is exactly how branding works and affects consumer behavior. 

Brands influence customers by creating an ideal image in their minds through ads and other marketing strategies. These ads focus on how the products can make the consumer’s life easier and provide happiness to them but lastly, consumers are the sole who perceive and use the brand.  

To understand more about how branding affects the behavior of consumers, let’s understand it more deeply with the following points: 

Importance of understanding the perception of your brand 

Brand perception is not created overnight, it takes time to build. It is the sum total of all the experiences of customers towards the brand that decides its perception. The more positive perception it is, the more favorable it is for the brand. According to the research, 75% of people choose products due to positive brand perception. 

Let’s understand how brands create the brand perception- say a toothpaste brand wants to market their product, they first try to create an emotional perception by showing how the product will help customers in making their lives easy but customers are the ones who decide whether the emotional perception to them is positive or negative. Customers can make or break the brand. 

Brands try to make their perceptions more accurate by using marketing tactics like asking for a review, or doing surveys to understand their preference in the minds of customers. When brands action upon those feedbacks, it changes the perception of customers from negative to positive. 

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4 Ways in which branding affects consumer behavior 

Branding influences the perception of the customer with their product and marketing tactics. The following are ways in which brands affect consumer behavior: 

  1. Consumer perception 

When you market your product, it builds an image in the minds of the customers. The image of your brand decides whether your product will be accepted by your customers or not. If the message is relevant to the target audience in the first place, then it will begin to develop a good image in the minds of consumers.  

The image you are creating is not the product, nor any marketing message. It is just a personal perception of your brand to your consumer. If the personal perception should align with the needs of the consumers, then it will create a good loyalty for your brand. 

  1. Purchasing Decisions 

The reality of life is that we are not making purchasing decisions by ourselves, it is the world of marketing that influences us in buying certain products. The process of buying anything starts when we come across a problem that we are facing and start to search for the answer.  

Either we ask our friends or family about our buying decision or choose the obvious. Well-established brands make buying decisions easier. A person with zero knowledge will choose a product not on the basis of its features but on the basis of its brand loyalty. 

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  1. Status and Prestige 

The high status of any product will increase its possibility of being sold. Many small business owners are trying to make their brand logo more relevant and communicative to their customers. They want their brand design to communicate the value of their products. This creates higher status and prestige for the brand and people love to buy products of higher status because they connect their status with their product’s status. 

  1. Builds Trust and Loyalty 

There are a variety of brands for a single type of product but we like to buy the product which we trust the most. Branding will not only attract the customer but also create trust and loyalty with their customers. When the customer trusts your brand, they automatically purchase your product without requiring any other reason. Trust is created when the customer is satisfied with the product or the service that a brand provides. Today, a positive connection of trust is created by pleasing your customers and receiving positive online reviews and great customer feedback. 

Whether emotional or physical, brand strategies heavily influence the buying behaviors of consumers young and old alike.

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